JUAN PERROS (2016, dir. Rodrigo Imaz)

2016 | Color | 34 min.

Direction: Rodrigo Imaz

Script:Rodrigo Imaz

Production: Trisha Ziff

Production Company: 212 BERLIN FILMS

Photography: Emiliano Fernández Hurtado | Juan Pablo San Esteban

Edition: Juan Pablo San Esteban

Sound: Pablo Cervera Alarcón (Sonido Directo) | José Miguel Enríquez ( Diseño Sonoro)

Cast: Juan Perros

FICM Awards: OJO for Short Documentary Film | Mexican Short Film Section

Year of participation at FICM: 2016

SYNOPSIS: Juan Perros lives in the Coahuila desert with his animals. He works tirelessly in the most brutal environment. Through his testimony we witness, his universe in all its complexity; his near death experience and survival living from the trash discarded by his own community. Confronting both the power of nature and the aloneness of his existence, Juan practices, a simple way of life, with a philosophy that is both humbling and extreme.