ELENA Y LAS SOMBRAS (2016, dir. César Cepeda)

2016 | Color | 07 min.

Direction: César Gabriel Cepeda Sánchez

Script: Lucero Troncoso

Production: César Moheno | Rafael Quiroz Corona

Production Company: Instituto Mexicano de Cinematografía (IMCINE)

Photography: César Salgado Alemán

Edition: Gonzalo Juárez

Sound: Gabriel Villar

Music: Camilla Uboldi

Cast: Samuel Medel | Karen Quiroz

Animation: César Cepeda

Art Direction: Edgar Figueroa Sánchez

FICM Awards: Award for Online Mexican Short Film | Online Mexican Short Film Selection

Year of participation at FICM: 2016

SYNOPSIS: In an old Mexican neighborhood , Elena is alone in her world. Felix causes a miracle when it comes to life and shows you how to access other universes ; share with him those secret places that the child will recognize that your world can be longer and deeper than previously thought and that a blind child , like Felix , is much more than his visual impairment.