EL SEMBRADOR (2018, dir. Melissa Elizondo)

2018 | Color | 85 min.

Direction: Melissa Elizondo Moreno

Script: Melissa Elizondo Moreno

Production: Melissa Elizondo Moreno | Cecilia Girón

Production Company: Centro Universitario de Estudios Cinematográficos (CUEC) | Mediodía

Photography: Natali Montell | Alicia Segovia

Edition: Melissa Elizondo Moreno | Raúl Zendejas

Sound: Alicia Segovia | Gabriel Villegas

Music: Ivana Bilic | Michael Burritt | Carolina | Coastal | Escape Ten | Ivan Treviño | University Percussion Ensemble

Cast: Maestro Bartolomé Vázquez y los niños de la escuela primaria “Mariano Escobedo” en Chiapas | México.

FICM Awards: Award for a Feature-Length Documentary Directed by a Woman | Audience Award for Mexican Feature-Length Documentary | Guerrero Press Award for Mexican Feature Length Documentary

Year of participation at FICM: 2018

SYNOPSIS: Bartolomé, a teacher in a multigrade school on the mountains of Chiapas in Mexico, knows well that pedagogy is not based on textbooks and cannot fit behind the four walls of a classroom. A true sower of knowledge unravels his philosophy and method and becomes a beacon of hope for the creation of a humanistic model of education based on curiosity and love for the outside world.