06 · 18 · 19

FICM Presents the Image of Its 17th Edition!

The Morelia International Film Festival (FICM) explores the Michoacán capital from the heights to celebrate its 17th edition.

Rodrigo Toledo, the creative mind behind the image of the festival, portrayed the city from the sky with the help of drones. The result is a magnificent and unusual face of the Cathedral of Morelia, framed by a dynamic font inspired by the work of Roman Cieślewicz, graphic artist and photographer from Poland.

The inspiration comes from the desire to do something with drones and use photos of Morelia that were unusual. It’s something I wanted to do. My intention was that we could see the city from above, something that we rarely have the opportunity to do.

About the choice of colors, are tonalities that personally remind me of Morelia, yellow, green, red and blue, all in those very specific shades. They are also the primary colors, that allows you to play also with the composition.

The dome of the Cathedral may be interpreted as an Ojo, the top award given by the FICM. Without doing so in an obvious way, that circular form may refer to elements related to cinema, like the a movie roll. 

Typographically there is something of the Soviets, I really like everything about their art, although for this edition I was inspired more by the Polish, particularly by Roman Cieślewicz, a graphic artist and photographer from Poland. This typography gives dynamism to the text, complements very well the circular shape of the dome, it gives movement.