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El emperador de Michoacán, a story of the Purépecha empire was presented at the 17th FICM

By: Celina Manuel

As part of the special screenings of the 17th Morelia International Film Festival, there was a screening of El emperador de Michoacán in the presence of directors James Ramey and Arturo Pimentel.

“We have been working on this film for eight years and we are moved that you are here,” said James Ramey before the FICM audience. For his part, Pimentel commented that it is an exploration of the Purépecha empire before the Conquest: “Prepare to dive into discovering new things.”

James Ramey, Arturo Pimentel

James Ramey, Arturo Pimentel

El emperador de Michoacán takes place five centuries before the Conquest. The Purépechas have spent decades restoring their festivities and prehispanic gods for decades, in spite of racism. Every February 1st, thousands celebrate the Purépecha New Year in honor of the Fire God. This is told in parallel with a restoration of a 1936 cinema dedicated to the last Michoacán emperor.