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Online Mexican Short Film: Princesa, by David Zonana

The Mexican short film Princesa, by David Zonana, was part of the Official Selection of the 13th FICM and participated in the Online Mexican Short Film Selection. Now the complete film is available permanently on the Internet on FICM’s YouTube Channel.

David Zonana began his career in production at Lucía Films in 2012, where he collaborated on several feature flms: 600 Millas (2014), directed by Gabriel Ripstein; Los herederos (2015), directed by Jorge Hernández Aldana; and Chronic (2015), directed by Michel Franco. Princesa is his first short film as a director and, in addition to the 13th FICM, it participated in the 5th UK Film Festival, the 18th Guanajuato Film Festival (GIFF), and the 10th Shorts México, International Film Festival of Mexico.

Princesa is about Natalia, a 17-year-old, who lives in an upper class environment in Mexico City. After falling victim to sexual abuse, her personality is transformed by despair. A few impulsive decisions resulting from the trauma will lead her to discover a dark side of herself.

You can see the complete short film below:

B15 Rating: For people more thant 15 years old. Suitable for teenagers, with adult’s guidance.