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Cinema PREMIERE and the 18th FICM presented the table talk: “Cinema and Our Gazes”

By: Berenice Andrade @MelcochaBarata

Cine PREMIERE presented the discussion table “Cinema and Our Gazes” at the 18th Morelia International Film Festival (FICM). Participants included the documentary makers Carolina Admirable, director of A los once; Tamara Yazbek, director of Refugio; Laura Plancarte, director of Non-Western; Daniela Alatorre, co-director of Fragmentos; and Laura Herrero Garvín, director of La Mami. The conversation was moderated by María Novaro, filmmaker and current director of the Mexican Film Institute (IMCINE).

Cine PREMIERE y el 18º FICM presentaron la mesa de discusión “El cine y nuestras miradas”

“El cine y nuestras miradas”

Using keywords mostly related to the feminine, such as intimacy, honesty and intuition, María Novaro guided the discussion on the importance of the representation of women in the audiovisual narrative. In which, she affirmed, the guest filmmakers contribute strongly through their work.

She asserted that these concepts were not used to be incorporated into cinematographic dialogues before because they were more feminine, but now they play leading roles in the construction of the narratives of the filmmakers. 

Listen to the full talk: