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Winners 14º Morelia International Film Festival

By: Arantxa Luna (@mentecata_)

The fourteenth edition of the Morelia International Film Festival (FICM) concluded its official activities with the awards ceremony at the Teatro Ocampo. The event, hosted by actor Andrés Montiel, was attended by: Alejandro Ramirez Magana, president; Cuauhtemoc Cardenas Batel, vice president; Daniela Michel, General Director; in addition to the jury, guests and much of the talent in competition. The awards were presented by the directors of the festival.

Cash prizes of the fourteenth edition of the festival add up to a total of two million six hundred and thirty thousand pesos, in addition to various prizes granted by the sponsors of FICM.

The winners for the 14º FICM are as follows:

  1. Michoacán Short Film Screenplay Contest:
  • Special Mention: El silencio de Dios, written by Cristina Bustamante.
  • Winner of the Michoacán Short Film Screenplay Contest and the Hermanos Alva prize: La tía Celeste, written by Heriberto Guzmán Heredia.
  1. Michoacán Section
  • Special Mention: Motel de los corazones rotos, by Bernardo Rugama.
  • Special I.SAT prize: Ítaca, directed by Kevin Guzmán Linares.
  • OJO for the Michoacán Section and the Hermanos Alva Prize: Esto es lo que me tocó, by Alexa Gutiérrez.
  1. Mexican Short Film Section
  • Audience Award for the Sexual Diversity Program: El cisne, by Daniel Enrique Chávez Ontiveros.
  • Renta Imagen Special Prize: Aurelia y Pedro, by Omar Robles and José Permar.
  • Special Mention: Meraqui Pradis for their work on Fuerza bruta and Mariachi nights.
  • Winner of the Online Mexican Short Flm Selection: Elena y las sombras, by César Cepeda.
  • OJO for Mexican Short Animation: Taller de corazones, by León Fernández.
  • OJO for Mexican Short Documentary: Juan perros, by Rodrigo Ímaz Alarcón.
  • OJO Short Fiction Film: Verde, by Alonso Ruizpalacios.

Since the Morelia International Film Festival is officially recognized by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences of the United States, the winning short films in the categories of Animation, Documentary and Fiction may be considered to compete at the Oscars®.

  1. Mexican Feature-Length Documentary
  • Guerrero Award by the press to Mexican Feature-Length Film: Bellas de noche, by María José Cuevas.
  • Award to Feature-Length Mexican Documentary made by a woman, granted by the Asociación de Mujeres en el Cine y la Televisión de México: Bellas de noche, by María José Cuevas.
  • Ambulante Special Award: Resurrección, by Eugenio Polgovsky.
  • Audience Award for Mexican Feature-Length Documentary: Tempestad, directed by Tatiana Huezo.
  • OJO for Mexican Feature-Length Documentary: Bellas de noche, by María José Cuevas.
  1. Mexican Feature Film Section
  • Guerrero Award by the press to Mexican Feature Film: La región salvaje, by Amat Escalante.
  • OJO for Best Actress in Feature Film: Adriana Barraza for her role on Todo lo demás.
  • OJO for Best Actor in Feature Film: Leonoardo Alonso for his role in El vigilante.
  • Special Mention: Todo lo demás, by Natalia Almada.
  • Audience Award for Mexican Feature Film: Las Tinieblas, by Daniel Castro Zimbrón.
  • OJO for First or Second Mexican Feature Film: El sueño del Mara’akame, by Federico Cecchetti.
  • OJO for Mexican Feature Film: El vigilante, by Diego Ros.

Festival activities will continue with film screenings on Sunday 30 October.

As every year after the festival in Morelia, Best of 14th FICM begins in Mexico City on the following dates and venues: Cinépolis, from November 4th to 10th; Cineteca Nacional, November 5th and 6th; Cine Tonala, November 4th to 6th; University Cultural Centre, from November 11th to 13th; CENART, November 12th and 13th and FARO Aragon, November 6 and from November 9th to 12th. Finally, there will be two outdoor functions in Parque Mexico on November 11th and in Coyoacan Centennial Garden on November 12th.