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¡Ánimo, juventud! by Carlos Armella was presented at 18th FICM

By: Gustavo R. Gallardo

¡Ánimo, juventud! (2020) by director Carlos Armella, was presented at the 18th edition of the Morelia International Film Festival (FICM).

In this comedy, four teenagers confront the absurdity of being young in Mexico City: Martín gets into trouble for declaring his love; Daniel wants to be treated as an adult; Dulce longs to be loved by others, and one day Pedro stops talking like a normal person. Their animosity towards adults is something they all share.

¡Ánimo, juventud!

Director and cast of ¡Ánimo, juventud! at 18th FICM

When talking about the film, the director commented that the word encouragement had the double connotation he was looking for to refer to youth with “a certain optimism, but with a certain sarcasm as well.”

“In the end, they are young people with different adversities and certain situations in which we see them oppressed. My interest was to find humor in situations that were uncomfortable; when we put them in a movie they acquire the humorous tone that interested me because of the catharsis it provokes,” explained Armella.

Starring Daniela Arce, Iñaki Godoy, Mario Palmerín and Rodrigo Cortés, ¡Ánimo, juventud! It is part of the official Mexican feature film section of FICM 2020.