10 · 25 · 18

Alejandro Pelayo presents El Rincón de las Vírgenes, by Alberto Isaac, at the 16th FICM

By: Azul Ramírez @azulartx

As part of the 70’s Mexican Film of the Cineteca Nacional, the director of the institution, Alejandro Pelayo, presented El Rincón de las Vírgenes (1972), film directed by the filmmaker Alberto Isaac, inspired by a couple of stories included in El Llano en Llamas, by Juan Rulfo, which narrates the misadventures of the healer Anacleto Morones, who toured the landscapes of Comala saving souls through pleasure.

Alejandro Pelayo

Alejandro Pelayo began by explaining the context in which the films of that decade were developed: “there was a bet for a new generation of filmmakers that had been shaping up during the sixties and that, for strictly union reasons, had not been a generation who debuted.”

He explained that the decade was a time of transition because the generation of the sixties managed to be at its height by the seventies: “this generation had been developing. A fundamental part to give them an opportunity was the Experimental Film Competition won by Rubén Gámez with Fórmula Secreta, the second place was won by Alberto Isaac with En Este Pueblo No Hay Ladrones,” he explained.

Regarding El Rincón de las Vírgenes, he said it’s a very sui generis adaptation, due to the “light, frivolous and happy spirit” of Alberto Isaac.