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El FICM da a conocer la programación de su 13ª edición

El 13º FICM, el cual se llevará a cabo del 23 de octubre al 1 de noviembre, reveló su programación en una conferencia de prensa en la que estuvieron presentes Jorge Sánchez Sosa, Director General del Instituto Mexicano de Cinematografía; Liliana López Buenrostro, Secretaría de Turismo del Estado de Michoacán; Ernesto Espinosa, director general de Universal Pictures International,‬ Latinoamérica; Edgardo Bermejo, Director of Arts British Council; Daniela Michel, Directora General del FICM; Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas Batel, Vicepresidente del FICM; y Ramón Ramírez Guzmán, Director de Relaciones Públicas de Cinépolis.

Liliana López Buenrostro y Edgardo Bermejo Liliana López Buenrostro and Edgardo Bermejo

The Best of FICM in Mexico City
The Morelia International Film Festival will exhibit the winning films and a selecton of the best of the festival in Mexico City at Cinépolis, November 6 to 12; Cineteca Nacional, November 7 and 8; Cine Tonalá, November 6 to 8; Centro Cultural Universitario, November 13 to 15; Centro Cultural de España, November 13 and 14 and CENART, November 14 and 15.

FICM in Your Home
Cinépolis Klic will participate again with “FICM in Your Home,” which includes a selection of more than 60 titles online of the best of the festival from previous editions. You can enjoy them at in the festival section. In addition, for each rental from the catalogue of films of “FICM in Your Home” you will receive a coupon for a small box of popcorn at any Cinépolis.

In Appreciation
The festival appreciates the invaluable and generous support of the Michoacán State Government and its various offices, the Morelia city government, the National Council of Culture and the Arts, Cinépolis, the Mexican Film Institute, Cineteca Nacional, the UNAM film archive, Fundación Televisa, its partner media and each one of the organizations that have made this event possible.

In addition, the festival gives special thanks to the British Council, the French Embassy, the Goethe Institut México, as well as AT&T, HSBC, Kansas City Southern de México and Coca Cola Light for all their support.

AT&T, main sponsor of the festival, said: “It is an honor for ATT&T to support the 13th Morelia International Film Festival (FICM), which throughout its history has brought together the best national and international productions. Directors, producers, entrepreneurs and the public in general converge to witness the most important film encounter of our country. AT&T, always in the vanguard of the telecommunications sector, celebrates being part of this initiative and sharing the values of our label.”

Official Site, Social Networks and Applications
For more information, FICM invites you to consult its official site and its social networks, in addition to downloading the free applications for iPhone and Android, where you can check out the festival program for viewing films, among other functions. The mobile applications will be available beginning October 16.

* Edited on October 21, 2015.