portada ficm presenta 2

Nearly 50,000 people have attended FICM Presents at the Cine-Teatro Emperador Caltzontzin throughout the year.

Pierre Rissient

“Films should be judged like you judge a person, face to face.” – Pierre Rissient

Hubert Sauper

“Humanity needs to understand itself by telling its own stories.” – Hubert Sauper


A compilation of significant moments of this year.


“Cinema, literature and art are to move the brains.” – Amos Gitai

Rigoberto Perezcano

Photos pf the winning filmmakers of the 2014 FICM.


We present a collection of pictures of the most important events of the day:


¡Congratulations to all the winners of the 12th FICM!

12º FICM