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El abogado del terror

L’avocat de la terreur

Direction: Schroeder, Barbet

Country: France

Production: Dagher, Rita | Marava, Vincent

Production Company: Yalla Films

Photography: Champetier, Caroline | Perrear, Jean-luc

Edition: Quettier, Nelly

Sound: Comeliau, Yves | Hennequin, Dominique | Wick, Beatrice

Music: Arriagada, Jorge

Cast: Boudia, Mohamed | Bouhired, Djamilah | Bréguet, Bruno | Brumaza, Béchir | Carlos, Carlos | Croissant, Klaus | Francios, Francios | Haddad, Waddi | Klein, Hans-joachim | Kopp, Magdalena | Saadi, Yacef | Souleiman, Mahab | Weinreich, Johannes

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