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I’’m Not There

I’´m Not There

Direction: Haynes, Todd

Script: Haynes, Todd | Moverma, Oren

Country: United States

Production: D Stern, James | Goldwyn, John | Rosen, Jeff | Sloss, John | Vachon, Christine | Wells, John

Production Company: Killer Films

Photography: Lachman Asc, Edward

Edition: Rabinowitz, Jay

Sound: Rousseau, Patrick | Shatz, Leslie

Music: Dylan, Bob

Cast: Bale, Chrisitan | Blanchett, Cate | Carl Franklin, Marcus | Cross, David | Gainsbourg, Charlotte | Gere, Richard | Greenwood, Bruce | Ledger, Heath | Moore, Julianne | Whishaw, Ben | Williams, Michelle

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