09 · 29 · 17


Now open to non-Mexicans participants from Latin America and abroad, the Academy will welcome eight young professionals from very various backgrounds, working in exhibition, traditional and online distribution, and festival programming. The five-day workshop will be designed and run by Sandra Gomez (distributor and producer at INTERIOR XIII) and Marion Klotz (Industry Academy International project manager).

The 2017 participants are:

1. Angela Guerrero Arias (Canana, México)

2. Andrés Jiménez Suárez (FICCI, Colombia)

3. Tomás Astudillo (Vaivem, Ecuador)

4. Adriana Agudelo Moreno (Mutokino, Colombia)

5. Lariza Melo Preciado (Floox​ ​Media​ ​Planning, México)

6. Edher Campos (Machete, México)

7. Diego Alfonso Torres Méndez (Cine Móvil Toto, México)

8. Regina Serratos Varela (Piano Distribución, México)