In 2015, the Morelia International Film Festival began a collaboration with the Locarno Film Festival to carry out a training program focused on international sales, marketing, distribution, exhibition, curating and programming. The project was named the Locarno Industry Academy International in Morelia.

The initiative’s objective was to professionalize young people with an interest in developing their skills in the aforementioned areas. The Locarno Industry Academy International also aimed to provide a new generation of professionals with different perspectives on the film industry and its challenges, as well as an opportunity to connect with media professionals, and the chance to enjoy their experience at the film festival.

In 2015, aspiring young programmers and collaborators from a selection of Mexican distribution companies were invited to the workshop as a way in which to develop their training and help with their professional specialization. This year, FICM will renew its collaboration with the prestigious Swiss festival to organize a new edition of the Locarno Industry Academy International, in October 2017. The aim of this year’s workshop will be to contribute to the development of a new generation of film industry professionals, and to strengthen links with the independent film industry, both nationally and internationally.

FICM is one part of the Locarno Industry Academy International, a project that seeks to develop workshops all over the world, in countries like Brazil and the United States. The workshop to be held in Morelia this October, under the banner of the 14th Morelia International Film Festival, will offer a space for young people from Latin America, Europe and the United States. It will also offer Mexican professionals the opportunity to participate in other academies in Brazil (Cinema do Brazil’s BOUTIQUE event); Switzerland (at the Locarno Film Festival), or the United States (as part of the New Directors, New Films Festival in collaboration with the Film Society Lincoln Center). The workshop to be held in Morelia will include masterclasses and talks with special guests from the 15th edition of FICM. This training space is part of FICM’s ongoing commitment to contribute to professional development within the Mexican film industry.