Nicolas Philibert

Nicolas Philibert Years of participation at FICM as member of the jury: 2009, 2015, Sección de Documental Mexicano Documentary Filmmaker

An internationally renowned documentary filmmaker, Nicolas Philibert directed his first documentary feature in 1978, His Master’s Voice sees dozen CEO’s of leading industrial groups (L’Oréal, IBM, Thomson, Elf…) talk about power, hierarchy, control… gradually sketching out the image of a future world ruled by the financial sector. From 1985 to 1987, he shot various sports adventure films for TV, then started directing documentary features that would all obtain a theatrical release: Louvre City (1990), In The Land of The Deaf (1992), Animals (1995), Every Little Thing (1996), Who Knows? (1999), Back to Normandy (2006) and Nénette (2009), about a 40-year old female orangutan in captivity for 37 years in a Parisian zoo. In 2002, his film To Be and To Have, about daily life in a “single class” school in a mountain village, screened as part of the Official Selection at the Cannes Festival and was a huge success in France and forty other countries. His last film, La Maison de la Radio (2013), is a journey into the headquarters of Radio France to discover what usually escapes our gaze: the mysteries and inner workings of a media whose very matter, sound, remains invisible. Since 2002, more than one hundred and thirty tributes and retrospectives of his films have been set up all over the world.