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Press Screening of Plan sexenal by Santiago Cendejas.

Plan sexenal / Sexennial Plan (2014) by Santiago Cendejas, from the Mexican Feature Film Section in competition at the 12th FICM, was presented to the press at the Cinépolis Morelia Centro.

Santiago Cendejas and Harold Torres

It is the first feature film by Santiago Cendejas, who previously had only worked as an editor, in post production or as a directors assistant in films by other directors, such as El Show de Memo (2010) by Raquel Peralta, Juego de niños (2012) by Makinov or Miss Bala (2011) by Gerardo Naranjo, producer of Plan sexenal. Actors in the film include Harold Torres, Flor Eduarda Gurrola, Rocío Boliver – controversial artist who commonly moves in performance circles, where she is known as the frozen grape – and Raúl Villegas, among others.

Santiago Cendejas and Harold Torres

The film takes the form of a thriller as it tells how Mercedes’ fantasy becomes her worst nightmare and how Juan – her boyfriend – relives his dark past when a strange man comes to their home.

Santiago Cendejas

Director Santiago Cendejas and actor Harold Torres attended the press conference for Plan sexenal.

Santiago Cendejas on the current situation in the country:

“There are some things that are connected to contemporary Mexico, but the story goes in another direction. It doesn’t point outside, but inward, seeing how that emanates not from above but from how we treat each other.”

Santiago Cendejas on the title of the film:

“The title refers to several things. In the film it is implied that the characters have a plan that is constantly changing and that one replaces the other. That is also a metaphor for how the political system works, probably the person who comes next is worse, depending how he/she comes to power. In this case, it is a violent coming to power.”

Santiago Cendejas on making an independent film:

“I lived six months in the house where it was filmed. Everything was done there – the production, filming, postproduction, sleeping on the set. I don’t know how a bigger production would work because much of what the film ended up being was how to resolve the problems caused by not having resources.”

Santiago Cendejas on choosing Harold Torres:

“We already had Eduarda and we wanted someone who would make a good team. I tried out many people until I remembered Harold.  It was almost time, so I told him, let’s make a film next week, ok?

The premiere of Plan sexenal will take place at a gala on Monday, October 20, at 4 pm at the Cinépolis Morelia Centro with a red carpet and the presence of talent.

Coverage by Gabriel Andrade Espinosa (@gabolonio)