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What kind of tickets are available and how do I get them?

Tickets for the 16th FICM screenings in Cinepolis will be available for VIP and regular movie theaters (with packages of four tickets for regular screenings or two tickets for VIP).

Tickets and cinebonos will be available online through www.moreliafilmfest.com and www.cinepolis.com and at the ticket counter in Cinépolis Morelia Centro and Cinépolis Espacio Las Américas.*

Cinebonos will be sold until October 20 and are subject to availability.

The exchange of cinebonos will be made at the ticket counter. The exchange schedule is from 8:00 am and until the counter closes.

Up to 10 tickets may be purchased per transaction, but no more than 4 tickets for the same screening.


Regular ticket: $60.00

VIP ticket: $99.00

Cinebono: $180.00

* A percentage of tickets are reserved exclusively for sale at ticket counters. In case tickets for a screening are sold out online, please check for availability at the counter.